Twilight Beauty

My faves from Twilight Beauty @

*Volturi Loose Eyeshadow my favorite Tones $9 each

**Luna Twilight Face Palette (more colors available p.s. Alice Palettes is very Colorful) $28

***Luna Twilight Just Bitten Staining LipBalm $18 (Blush)

****Enrapture Volturi Lip Gloss $12 (Black:Arsenic & Pink:Obssesed)

**Mortal Glow Blushing Creme $22
And There's More this is Just my Favorites
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  1. OMG wow im obssesed with twilight omg so got to buy them all !!!
    especially the ones with volturi included in the name ;)
    Can you see how obssesed i am now :)
    Thankyou , thankyou for posting this hunnie
    Check out my blog if you have time
    Eloise xoxo


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