June 29, 2010

Well as you may know Kylie is my Fashion & Music Icon and I'm so happy her new album is out July 5 and she also released All the Lovers single in spanish to hear it click Here to see All the Lovers Video click here.
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California Girl

My favorite Looks by The California Girl

Fresh,Flirty,Fun & Colorful

June 21, 2010

Where I live is summer all the time.  That's why probably since I was a Kid I love Colors, but lately I've been wearing neutrals (black, black more black and Nude).

What I really like is Flirty, Fresh & Colorful Clothes most girls in my country like too.

Gorgeous Ladies

Kylie Minogue - A p h r o d i t e (Megamix)

June 17, 2010

As you may know by now I heart Kylie.

Loving her style

June 16, 2010

I like her a lot and her choices are very pretty and simple.
She is the new face of Mark(Avon).

California Girls Katy Perry

Chandelier and Frustration

June 14, 2010

My brother came to my house (our parents house) recently and I let him sleep on my room and he tought my room looked like a jenga(game) and a jungle, full of stuff you can't move cause others will fall, full of colors and zebra prints it was so funny he could get dizzy on it. And I'm thinking what about this Chandelier it would look fabulous in my Bedroom. 

Cirque hanging chandelier $174 @ sorry it doesn't ship to Canada.

That's when I started thinking ...I wish I could have my own apartment or studio but this is a hard time I'm currently unemployed.  It's like a frustration I graduated start seeking for a job and no opportunities have come (well temporary jobs) and it makes me feel useless, they won't even hire me on a store. 

Any thoughts or Recommendations?!?!

Easy Work to Night ☾

Best One Piece Swimsuits

Embellished Cut-Out One Piece $115

Best Bikinis 2010

Enter to see some Fabuleux Bikinis
Best Bikinis 2010

Taylor Swift

Ready to Sail

June 9, 2010

Everything from Lulu's

Schooner Earrings $12
Land Locked Bracelet $17
Mixx Luisa  Red Patent peep toe platform $33
Anchor Earrings $9
Seafaring Lady Dress $35

Lovely Ladies @ The MTV Awards

Blossom Heels

June 8, 2010

I love this lovely pair of heels.  Reta Japanese Blossom Heels from

Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (HD)