Impossible Birthday Wishlist

I wish for Health,Love and wellbeing.

All I want for my birthday is... things I can't buy right now but will make me truly happy.

Ipod!! mine is not working properly I would love the Ipod Touch but for those in a budget the new Nano is looking super hot!!!  NANO 8GB @ Apple $149 Walmart $143

I also want a coffee maker for my greatest happiness....$21 Hamilton beach @ HamiltonBeach or Walmart

Parissiene or Miss Dior Cherie 'll die for this two scents under $100 each.

And of course a car that is simple,economic and goodlooking....Elantra Hyundai it's like $15,000.00 or a Toyota Yaris Sedan like $14,000.00

ohh and money to get me an apartment or studio while I work.