Yesterday I was out of work at 7pm and decided to go shopping for an extravagant necklace for a simple dress I totally forgot we are in December and the 25 is just days away.   I got stuck on traffic just to enter the Mall and to find parking I spend more than a few minutes, luckily it was near the entrance, and when inside I couldn’t walk but I made it through the flood of people.   As  I said before I’m on a budget so I went to Forever21 always stopping by first at Sephora  just to look and be happy and as I posted before I smelled Lady Million and I really love it I’m thinking I should buy it.  Forever21 just looking at necklaces and I found a beautiful Cheap and Chic Feathers necklace just the size and price ($8) I wanted it.  I passed by the yellow tag deals ($7) and I found this pink pajamas for my sister great Christmas gift she likes them a lot. 
The lines for paying were huge and the five (5) cashiers were super slow and in front of me there were this 3 sisters or friends looking very much alike and it was a moment for me.  They were total Fashion Victims to many trends on It was a disaster they were acting as they were on a club, dancing, chatting and criticizing, thinking every girl passing by them was wrongly dressed when the definitely wrongly dressed were them.  It was a show every trend in them. First girl noticeable hair extensions, leggings with a short sparkly tee, I could see her whole bottom a big bag with some straps, big earrings, a lot of bracelets, necklace, smoky eyes, side parted bangs and booties with studs and 5” heels. Second Girl grey leggings with side zippers, tee, blazer, watch, bracelets to her elbow, rings, side parted bangs, smoky eyes, big earrings and necklace, big handbag with studs/glitter and booties with studs. Third girl peroxide blonde, smoky eyes, grey under eyes, side parted bangs, leggings, a long tee with bra straps showing and a waist belt that was a little tight, one back button of the belt was open, a big handbag and a lot of jewelry.
The pieces they were paying were very trendy nothing on their hands classy or classic not a single item that you can combine and wear for different occasions.  In their bags there were Leopard print items mixed with glitter, sequins and sparkle and the same piece for each of them everything flashy.
I just want to say you can’t wear all the trends in just one outfit It’ll make you look ridiculous why wear it all when you can have a statement piece or defined personal style not multiple personalities.
Please don’t be a Fashion victim, don’t spend too much in things you can’t combine or use for different occasions and create a personal defining style.
Make a Statement! Always be creative and please behave.