Hungarian Tales about Women Vol. 1

The Hungarian Tales about Women were born from the unity of femininity, sensuality and love. The collection feeds upon traditional Hungarian motifs and redefines them along women’s pristine range of emotions. With the shockingly beautiful haute couture pieces, Tamara Barnoff encourages acceptance and openness.

Barnoff Haute Couture 2011

Georgian born multimedia artist, Tamara Barnoff has lived in Budapest for 7 years. Besides her simple yet exquisite prêt-à-porter pieces made by using special techniques, she designs peculiar haute couture collections too.

“This is how I see Hungarian women, and I try to bring to the surface what is hidden inside: femininity, sensuality, acceptance, and love. This way, the woman becomes more vulnerable but beautiful at the same time,” says Tamara.
The new haute couture collection of the Barnoff brand was born from redefining Matyó motifs. The butterfly-like flowers as light as air, the beauty of silk, and the spring shades take us to an honest and mystical world full of emotions.
Photos: Vivienne Balla
Post-production work (full figure photos): Sophie Magalashvili
Styling: Heni Kiss
Makeup: Natasa Kovalik
Model: Veronika (Attractive)