Brad Pitt Covers W February 2012

January 15, 2012

brad pitt best performances
brad pitt best performances
brad pitt best performances
Lynn Hirschberg: Which movie has made you cry? 
Brad Pitt: I’m not much of a crier at films, but there was one...I was coming back from Cabo on my way to Montreal, and I got hit with Montezuma’s revenge. I could not keep anything down. I was stuck in a hotel room with no windows and was just doing what you do when you’re sick. On day two of this extremely painful episode, I watched a film called Life as a House. Kevin Kline is an architect and learns he has terminal cancer. He’s estranged from his teenage son and decides they’re going to finish this house. I don’t know if it would still hit me the same way, but on my 27th hour of pure wretchedness, this movie just crushed me. I should watch it again to see if it has the same effect.

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