Chalayan Fall 2012 & Palladium Visions

A true visionary, Hussein Chalayan created two palladium designs celebrating the rare 
precious metal’s inherent properties of lightness and strength. The Hussein Chalayan 
for Palladium Visions collaboration demonstrates the metal’s potential beyond the 
boundaries of traditional jewellery.

Chalayan seamlessly incorporated palladium creations within two floor length evening 
dresses, creating a trompe l’oeil effect through an innovative expression of metal and 
fabric folds. The dresses evoke the strong graphic silhouettes from the A/W 2012 
collection and offer a modern interpretation of palladium in luxury fashion. 

“It was very appealing for me to develop an idea inspired by the lightness and 
strength of palladium”,  comments  Hussein  Chalayan,  “I have been able to intertwine 
palladium with two dresses and emulate the inspiration behind the collection into the 
designs. This partnership was a  very natural gravitation; I am interested in materials 
that are not automatically associated with clothing. This is what my work is about.”