Paule Ka Fall Winter 2013-14

There’s something quietly calculating in her eyes, her hands remain on her hips. Her dress, a short and 
sweet tulip skirt with a spectacular draped bow bustier, rustles about her like precious gold lamé wrapping. 
For an evening shrouded in the night lights.Neither cynical nor naïve, she loves as and when she pleases.

There’s something vague – hopeful, even nostalgic ? – in her eyes. Her dress is long, freeing up her 
footsteps and her shoulders, one of her arms is bare. Liquid-like jersey crepe lends itself to an elegant 
draping game. She stands up with a determined look. Neither Vestal nor Amazon… but in pink!
Neither strategic nor frenzied, she chooses the beat to which she dances.

Shot by Venetia Scott for the sixth season
Starring Angela Lindvall
Creative direction by Serge Cajfinger.