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August 18, 2013

W Cara Delevingne
VOGUE CHINA Blake Lively
ELLE Kate Upton
V Lady Gaga
NEW YORK Lake Bell
VOGUE PARIS Saskia De Brauw
VOGUE US Jennifer Lawrence
INSTYLE Drew Barrymore
GLAMOUR PARIS Amanda Seyfried
V Lady Gaga

Fashion News

August 14, 2013

Rihanna for RiverIsland A/W 2013
(Vogue UK)

The best looks from the 2013 TCA (Teen Vogue)

Take a look at all the pieces from Phillip Lim's Target Collaboration
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She's in Vogue A/W Eyewear Campaign Eva Mendes & Mario Testino (Vogue Mexico)

Las Muchas Caras de Septiembre "The many faces of September"
(Your Mother Should Know)

The Banana Republic & Issa London Collection

30 Must-Have Fall Wardrobe Essentials (Refinery29)

Cara Dlevingne Covers W Magazine

August 13, 2013

Cara Delevingne: Style Rebel

She is no role model. Just don’t tell that to her millions of followers.

“In the beginning, I was thinking, How do I set myself apart from the other girls?” Delevingne said. “So many girls were taller, skinnier, and prettier. And I’m not a girly girl at all—I didn’t get boobs until I was around 18! As a teenager, I kept thinking, I’m so short, and I have no boobs—what do I do?” ­Delevingne said, laughing. She began to look at modeling as playing different roles. “Maybe that’s why I’ve been noticed,” she said. “I treat the camera like a person—I gaze into it. Photos are a flat thing, and you need to put life into them.”
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Jennifer Lawrence Covers Vogue September 2013

August 12, 2013

And therein lies the biggest surprise about Jennifer Lawrence: She has the soul of a comedian and can riff on just about anything that crosses her path. She did a 20-minute monologue about sponges: “I wake up earlier in the morning when I have new sponges. That counter doesn’t even see it coming.” She segued into her incomprension at people who don’t share her “faith in sponges” and then finally landed on her relationship with ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, with whom she’s still very close (they’re shooting X-Men: Days of Future Pasttogether). “He would never wring them out. We were in the kitchen once, and I picked up the sponge, and it was soapy and wet, and I was like, ‘See?’ These are the kinds of things that make me think we are never going to work.”


September 2013 Magazine Covers

August 6, 2013

i-D (Pre-Fall) Selena Gomez
VANITY FAIR Princess Diana
TOWN & COUNTRY Lauren Bush  Lauren & Claire Courtin-Clarins

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RED Helena Christensen
MARIE CLAIRE  Zooey Deschanel
HARPER'S BAZAAR  Sarah Jessica Parker

Get the Summer Glow!

August 4, 2013

Do you still want to get a Tan or Summer Glow? You still have time summer is not over yet. 
If you want to get a tan without going to the beach this products and tips can Help.
The day before your Self-Tanning session you should:
  • Shave
  • Exfoliate 
  • Moisturize (the driest areas like elbows, knees, feet & hands )

Start from the face and work down the body.
Use Latex Gloves, apply with your palms and fingers together when finished, remember to tan your hands.

To prolong your tan you should Moisturize Daily and for the tan to fade evenly exfoliate at least 4 days after tanning.

Have a great Self-Tanning session!
Avon Skin so Soft Satin Glow $12
Guerlain Terracotta Jambes De Gazelle
Cooling Bronzing Mist $59
Victoria's Secret Instant Bronzing Body Spray
& Self-Tanning Tinted Lotion $15 e/a
Clarins  Tanning Kit $47.50
L'oreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Sel-Tanning
Lotion around$11
Sephora Self-Tanning Kit for Face & Body $22
St. Tropez Sel-Tan Bronzing Mousse $42

Extra Tip
Excerpt from (may 4, 2010)
Contouring Secrets: Slim, Boost, and Define 
To make cleavage worthy of a Victoria's Secret catalogue, Baraf says to don your favorite push-up bra 
a half hour after applying self-tanner. Next, use an aerosol spray tanner and mist the M-shaped 
indentation created by the bra. Spraying on this second coat will make the area appear darker and more defined.

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Anna Sophia Robb covers Company

August 3, 2013

          Anna covers Company's September 2013 Issue
New York is dazzling. I like the dirty, busy, loudness of the city, it has such great energy. It has so much to offer, you can have a really special time there. However, New York is one of those places that you have to figure out how you want to handle it because it’s like a garden of Eden- temptations at every corner. So you have to navigate its waters and decide the path you want to take.
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