Paule Ka S/S 2014 RTW

Spring-Summer 2014 is a willful interpretation of those staple garments that make up the brand’s unique signature.

Impeccable as ever, unapologetically playful, these classic yet impulsive pieces shake up convention.

Clean lines cut close to the body highlight dynamic contours while accentuating movement.

Graphic cut-outs sculpt the silhouette through a game of veiling and unveiling that reveals unspoken sensuality.

Fabrics are both a celebration and a juxtaposition of the elements: earth is found in the straw-like quality of raffia, air in the 
crisp freshness of paper poplin or piqué cotton, sunlight in the warm caress of neoprene, the smooth hum of honeycomb-textured cotton.

Elegantly effervescent prints are inspired by the colours of the South, the cracked effect on weathered ceramics or the exotic 
allure of a flower.

Accessories are, as usual, central to the collection. The panier blends with the cabas, drawing together town and country,
leather and wicker. The tambourine bag becomes a minaudière, the Cabas KA takes on a fringe.